Retired- after 36 Years!  14 July 2006
For the full story see: 
The road to Metamorphosis
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          Last Day!


Special BBQ lunch at the plant  

    Quality Assurance Department group photo

           Going out the door for the last time.

   New license plate frames!


The last word (email to General Plastics sent from home July 16):

Thanks’ for making my last day at a General Plastics memorable one. The gift
certificates were a surprise (and much appreciated since the paychecks have stopped
coming) also most of your best wishes were great (others a little too close for comfort).
Be assured I will treasure (or eat) the personal gifts.

A number of you went to a good deal of effort on my regard- my heartfelt thanks.
Special thanks also to Henry for allowing such a long unproductive lunch hour – and hey,
you’ll hardly notice the small difference the lost time will make in your Performance

I was most surprised at all the liars who came forward to say how wonderful I was. Of
course I’ve known I was wonderful all along, but it’s still nice to hear.  As those in QA
can attest; I never tire of complements.

Friday was a surreal day for me- so if I seemed to be acting strangely, it’s because I was
emotionally spaced out- which was surprising since I thought that I was mentally
prepared.  Later that evening I sat alone on our back deck sipping scotch and thinking
bittersweet thoughts like: I won’t have to get up and go to work Monday; no more
paychecks; no more whining; no more smiles and laughter.  That kind of thinking went
on into the night, the scotch slowly fogging by reverie.

Then there’s the spousal challenge that comes with retirement. Our friends gave Laveta
and I matching T-shirts emblazoned with “24/7”. Scary…..

I’ve truly enjoyed my career at General Plastics (at least most if the time). I’ve written
some highlights titled “The Road to Metamorphosis” for anyone who may be interested.

Mark G. will upload it to the General Plastics intranet server.
Again, thanks to everyone. I can always be found at  and
reached by email at

Finally: I’m willing to answer questions and provide free advice (such as it is - and as
time allows) to anyone asks.

Thanks again for a wonderful thirty six years.


Sunday, July 16, 2006



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