A Retrospective  (click a  picture for a full size version)

There are four of us in many of these pictures.   I met Jim in '57.  Laveta and Carol knew each other even earlier.  All four of  us went to Merced High.  Jim graduated in '61, Carol and I in '62, Laveta in '63.   Jim and I met the girls (our future wives) at the same time on the same night!  We were "cruising the drag" on our motorcycles and happened by a carload of girls at a local "drive in" and that's how it began...

With the exception of the first row, these photo's begin in the early 1960's through the early 80's.   I was in the army from 1966 to 1969, Jim from 1965 to 1968.  We both were stationed for a time in Germany and brought the girls with us!   For the last 40+ years we've lived within a few miles from each other- in Tacoma. 

Laveta in Grade School 1957, 
Jim & I in Yosemite '57,  Carol (center) Sadie Hawkins Day, Merced High '62

In 2012 the four of us returned for My (& Carol's) 50th reunion <link>

     Me and my Zundapp.  Merced California, June 1961

     Laveta and I going out on a date 1963


One of my Boeing pay stubs.  I was a Flight-line Mechanic doing "mod" (modification) work on B-52's  at Castle AFB, California.  Note: 2.55/hr and no Medicare!

 old_together_s.jpg (6042 bytes)           Just Married:  April 17th 1964.  Merced California

Our first apartment in Merced (15 west 18th St.)   Drying dishes!    Playing cards with Jim and Carol.


Jim, Carol, Laveta & Me- on moving day 1964.  The day the four of us left California for new jobs at NASA's Michoud Operations, New Orleans, where Jim and I worked for Boeing on the Apollo Program, (first stage of the Saturn-V).   Laveta and I had only been married about a month.   We were young-  I was 21, Laveta 19... and it was quite an adventure.

   Laveta and Carol at the Grand Canyon,   June 3, 1964

               Page from a typical Boeing Launch Systems weekly paper.  Note the date Sept. 8,  1964.

In Slidell  Louisiana, 1964  (Jim and I worked in New Orleans).  The third photo is at the apartment  where we
stayed when we first arrived.   We visited it again 44 years later. <see 2008 photo>.



Slidell:  Jim and Carol's 10 -wide trailer where the four of us lived.  That's my green Ford out front (which still had California plates).   Though we must have looked like "poor white trash," we had a fun time.   In truth, we made very good (Boeing) wages- something very much resented by the locals of the time.   Still- Slidell was a nice place to be from.   We returned to California not long after Hurricane Hilda blew threw town.


  old_ontario_s.jpg (5947 bytes)

Back in California: Laveta, at our apartment in Ontario CA, 1966

We revisited this spot, and I retook this picture 46 years later in 2012.
<link to 2012 photo> The large roof (building in the background) was gone
but our apartment  was still there... and so were we.

      Laveta- Ontario California ~ 1966

 old_LavetaRiding_s.jpg (8821 bytes)   Laveta- riding our Yamaha. Merced  California, 1966

    My Induction Orders into the Army, 1966

    I'm in the Army now.   Fort Ord CA.  I'm in the second row- 4th from right.

       The Army's "comfort letters" to Laveta.  (They're humorous.... now.)

             "Temporary Corporal"  Basic Training, Fort Ord California, Sept. 1966

               Laveta in black & white-  1967

     old_Tillicum_s.jpg (5422 bytes)  
Laveta and Me-  Tillicum Washington, 1967  (I'm stationed at Ft Lewis)

1967:  Laveta and the Ice Caves,  Mt. Rainer National Park.      

   Self portrait- Fort Lewis Washington

    Glass eyes-  Laveta.  Tillicum Washington, 1967  

               Olympia  Washington 1967 (and in 2001)

      old_playground_s.jpg (5102 bytes)         In a playful mood- Wright Park,  Tacoma, 1967

      old_waterfall_s.jpg (6850 bytes)          Laveta, Mt. Rainier National Park, WA,  1967

           Living in Indianapolis with our Desoto Coronet.

 old_laveta_s.jpg (6087 bytes)           

     old_sidebyside_s.jpg (7582 bytes) 
Laveta (and me) at the house of a friend, while stationed at Ft. Benjamin Harrison Indianapolis - 1967

Letter from Carol in Germany to Laveta in California 1968

From Laveta in California to me- stationed at Sheridan Kaserne, Augsburg Germany 1968

     old_tapistry_s.jpg (6476 bytes)          Laveta at home- government quarters.  Augsburg 1968
old_mosaic_s.jpg (7889 bytes)               
Laveta.  downtown Augsburg, 

              Linderhauf and Neuschwanstein castles,  Bavaria
A visit to Dachau concentration camp in Bavaria, about 16km northwest of Munich
(1) Memorial artwork    (2) Carol, Jim & Laveta   (3) Gas Chamber   (4)  Oven- one of many.

         "On Post" movie schedule, Germany 1968

               Event Calendar, Augsburg, June 1968

old_germany_s.jpg (5214 bytes)    Jim, Carol, Laveta, Me at  Jim & Carol's quarters,  Zundorf,  Germany 1968

             Laveta and Carol at Nuremberg Castle

    Leftover's from WW-II,  Nuremberg   

old_lunch_s.jpg (6979 bytes)     Lunch stop near Wiesbaden,  Germany

old_tourestInfo_s.jpg (7409 bytes)    At the Dutch border. 1968

old_nordwick_s.jpg (6848 bytes)     Sleepless in Nordwijk aan Zee, on the North Sea coast. Netherlands

      old_wooden_shoes_s.jpg (8514 bytes)             Trying on wooden shoes, near Rotterdam.

                Carol and Laveta on the English Channel ferry

old_dover_station_s.jpg (5380 bytes)    Conductor with Carol & Laveta,  Dover station - on the way to London.

       old_paris_morning_s.jpg (3987 bytes)              April in Paris (early morning kiss) Laveta & Me.

                    Eiffel Tower ...decided not to jump.

old_paris_break_s.jpg (9451 bytes)     The four of us taking a break-  Paris, 1968

        The Travel Order that brought us back from Germany

    Laveta (in pink) departing Munich Riem Airport for the US

     Jim & Carol at Ft. Lewis WA  1968 (Rena in window)

                  Countryside around Manhattan Kansas in winter 1968

     Laveta and cat.  Our apartment-  Manhattan,  Kansas. 1968

old_swing_s.jpg (5753 bytes)      Laveta, with Sharon inprocess.    Manhattan, KS, 1969

Laveta-  sailplane preflight instructions & aloft behind tow-plane, near Fort Riley Kansas, 1969

    old_Rock-pick_s.jpg (3780 bytes)           Hunting  fossils (Paleozoic Echinoderms) near Manhattan Kansas. 1969

        Liberty Pass, Fort Riley, 1968

               At ny desk, Finance Office, Fort Riley Kansas, 1969 

       Army Commendation Medal - at the end of my three year term of service..

                 I'm a civilian again!!  Laveta, Sharon & Me -  Everett, Washington.  1970

       Laveta with Mike - Tacoma, Washington.  ~1971

        Laveta and Carol.  Mt. Rainer National Park.  About 1975

           Sharon and Mike on an outing ~1974

        Carol & Laveta,  Snow-shoeing in Mt Ranier National Park. 1974

        Laveta, Jim and Carol in Victoria, BC.  About 1975

       Laveta and Sharon- Tacoma

                 Sharon Playtime  & at Preschool with Me.  ~1972 & 1973

       Laveta,  with a Van de Graaff  generator  (200 KV) around 1975

     old_Family_s.jpg (6083 bytes)           Me,  Laveta,  Mike,  Sharon  1976

                  Laveta:  watching one of Sharon's dance performances, 1978

                      Mike, Sharon Laveta:  Disneyland 1983

            Mike 1984

            Sharon 1984 &1985

    Jim at a devastated area, Mt. St. Helens, 1988

   Me on our rented Harley, Big Island, Hawaii, 1989


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