1990's Photo's   (Click on a photo for a larger version)

  Vla_s.gif (9134 bytes)     My daughter, Sharon, and the VLA,  about 35 miles West of Sccorro,  NM, 1991

A parking violation (with my rented Cadillac) while on a business trip to Sandia National Laboratories- Albuquerque NM.  My company was working with Sandia on a low level (nuclear) waste shipping container. I managed to get out of paying a fine...   January 1991.


Our motorcycle trip To Glacier/Waterton National Park with the kids- 1992.
Laveta, Carol, Jim, Sharon & Jason




    In Banff-Jasper Park Canada 1995

MtRobson_s.gif (8402 bytes)     Mt  Robson, BC. (the only sunny day of the trip) 1995

computerroom_s.jpg (3825 bytes)    At home,  June 1999

    Motorcycling through the Southwest- 1994 (link to photo page)

     At the National Academy of Science (link to photo page)

MaunaKea_s.gif (5572 bytes)     Sunset from the 13,796 ft.  summit of Mauna Kea,  Big Island, Hawaii, 1997

 bighorn_s.gif (8258 bytes)    Laveta & Carol, near Little Bighorn National Monument, Montana, 1997

 chiefjohwy_s.gif (8068 bytes)     Chief Joseph Parkway,  Northwest of Cody, Wyoming,  1997

                   Saguaro National Park, AZ  (while on a business trip to Tucson)

Ellinor_s.jpg (7761 bytes)     Sunrise from the summit of  Mt. Ellinor, Olympic Mountains WA, 1998

    LostAndConfused_s.jpg (3346 bytes)        Which way do we go now?       Picnic-  Oregon Coast, 1998 

                At Crater Lake National Park, 1998

        Redwoods_s.gif (10432 bytes)                Redwood National Park, CA. 1998

    Honolulu_s.jpg (5266 bytes)     Honolulu- overlooking Diamond Head with Laveta, February 1999

        Like the 4th of July, only better-  Quantico Virginia,  May 1999 (photo page)

         "Lady of The Lake" at Stehekin.   Lake Chelan, WA,  August 1999

    Cheries_s.jpg (7964 bytes)     Eating cherries on the "Lady of The Lake",  Lake Chelan, WA,  August 1999     

    Sailing_s.jpg (5980 bytes)     Sailing on Puget Sound on brother Bob's boat with wife Pat, August 1999

                  Early morning on the North Cascades Highway,  1999

    HurrySundown_s.jpg (8265 bytes)      Backyard astronomy,  September, 1999

    rover_s.jpg (6613 bytes)     At the JPL/NASA Gossamer Spacecraft Workshop, Oxnard, CA.  1999  (link to photo page)

         halloween_s.jpg (6364 bytes)             As " Indiana Jones" with IS Manager.  Halloween at work 1999

    LavetaUW_s.jpg (5801 bytes)     Laveta,  and me,   Me at UW_s.jpg (8954 bytes)   University of Washington campus. October 1999

    NoPenguins_s.jpg (6223 bytes)    Penguin found in laboratory freezer!  Note the "No Penguin" on freezer door.

   A thoughtful Carol - Point Defiance park, Tacoma Waterfront
   Laveta and Carol at the Tides Tavern, Gig Harbor Washington,  Sept. 1999

            Molecules at work.  My office 1999

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