Photo's: From the JPL-NASA
Gossamer Spacecraft Workshop, 12-13 Oct. 1999

    On October of 1999 I was invited by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to attend the first Gossamer Spacecraft Workshop held that year in Oxnard, California.  JPL was looking for foam wheels for Mars rovers and for other lightweight spacecraft structures like solar sails.   It was a fun conference.   The best talk was given by Dr. K. M. Catley, on spider webs- their strength,  economy of design, (intrinsic beauty) and how it all related to super light spacecraft.  
    After the talks there was volleyball on the beach, (NASA scientists vs. engineers).  The banquet was wonderful, but most memorable were the evenings at beach bar- where we’d drink beer, look up at the night sky, and talk of spaceflight to the stars.  
     Wonderful people, scientists and engineers- wonderful people with wonderful dreams.  Later on, I’d go out on the beach and walk alone, thinking spacey thoughts… and on how very lucky I was.


          Our conference hotel:  front and back 

      Conference Room

rover_s.jpg (6613 bytes)    Inflatable rover

     lunch_s.jpg (10000 bytes) 
Lunch with Alan Watt (Cambridge University, UK)

presentation_s.jpg (8001 bytes)    W. Sokolowski's Foam Structures Workshop presentation

     AtWorkshop_s.jpg (5126 bytes)        That's me... Working real Hard

     WitoldAndMe_s.jpg (7318 bytes)        With Witold Sokolowski of JPL

volleyBall_s.jpg (8334 bytes)  Volleyball, scientists vs. engineers

  Talking shop with JPL at days end

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