2014 Photo Album

We began the year with a motorhome road trip from University Place, WA
to Redding, Chowchilla and Pismo Beach CA. We were joined by relatives
Bob and Pat in their new motorhome and later Jim and Carol in their 5th-wheel.

It was the beginning to a very busy year!

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   Our Honda's left rear tire after hitting road debries (while  being towed)!

Trees in the Weed California rest area.  Note the freezing fog on trees and foliage

                      Chili in Redding and in Chowchilla.

Eating outside Bob's motorhome, with Bob, Pat and relatives

   The Lakes RV park clubhouse at sunset. Chowchilla

Watching the Superbowl in Bob & Pat's Motorhome

Dinner in Merced with Pat's relatives.  
Lunch with Ruthann, a girl that i'd dated in high school.

                  Chili & Me on Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach with Bob & Pat

                     Bob & me in the (Monarch) Butterfly Grove

Laveta and Carol on Pismo Beach

             Window shopping in Avila Beach

(1) At the Splash Cafe   (2) A Pismo Dog!  (3) Chili and reflection  (4) Chili going for a ride

                      Pismo sunset!

Laveta & went to Hearst Castle for our honeymoon back in'64  (50 years ago!)
so we decided to visit it again.  It was just a day trip from Pismo.  Back in '64 we toured
the lower (main) rooms & grounds.  This time we saw the upper rooms and grounds.
The castle hadn't changed much- can't say the same for us. 



               Neptune Pool (outdoor)

              Roman Pool (indoor)

On our last week in Pismo, a strong storm blew in from the Pacific. 
Though it didn't last long- it was wild.  Laveta & I were the last persons on the
Pismo pier before the Police and Fire departments closed it to the public.


Last Pismo sunset- and our rig, back in Chowchilla, ready to return home

Laveta and Ian at the Point Defiance Zoo

   Chili with "Bunny"

Tacoma conservatory and waterfront for our 50th Anniversary  17 April 2014

Russ and Laveta At Rus & Sharon's annual Kentucky Derby Party

A week ( our spring break) at the Yakama Nation RV Park  in Toppenish WA with Bob & Pat

Fort Simcoe State Park  near White Swan WA

                At Columbia Sun RV Resort Kennewick WA


        Carol at Jacob's birthday           Russ and Chili

    Laveta at Stanley and Seaforts

             4th of July at Sharon and Russ's

Annual Family gathering at Johns & Becky's property on Whidbey Island.  July 12, 2014








                             Mukilteo Coffee Rosters

                   Comparing Scotch Whiskeys in John's barn

                    Sunset on Useless Bay

Crusing the Danube (and more)
Hungary: Budapest.  Austria: Vienna, Melk.
Germany: Passau, Regensbburg, Nuremberg.
Czech Republic: Prague
23 Septembemer - 4 October 2014
Photo page (HTML Journal in (PDF)  3 Pages

      Chili in bed

       Our "Lime Tree"-  Made a great Gin and Tonic

             Carol- in her 70th year.        Chili in our backyard

       Laveta and Renee at Seymour Conservatory,  Tacoma

                          On my morning walk, November 2014

Russ with his new camera.  Sharon and Laveta making Christmas cookies

    Lloyd, Renee Sharon, Russ & Laveta at "The Red Hot" in Tacoma

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