Danube River Cruse:  23 September to 4 October 2014
Sharon & Russ, Laveta &

           Budapest (Hungary) Vienna, Wachau Valley & Melk  (Austria) Passau, Regensburg &
                          Nuremburg (Germany) then overland to Prague (Czech Republic)
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Laveta, Sharon & Russ arriving in Budapest.  Our boat, the 134m (440 ft) long Viking  Njord

Our Cabin and life vest drill.

           Our bathroom/shower walls could turn transparent with a switch!

The Chain Bridge,  Parliament Building and in Hero's Square     

The Hungarian Pariliament Building on the Danube,  Buda Castle,  Old Buda

    Matthias Church



Downtown Vienna: Near the Hofburg Pallace, St. Stephan's Cathedral, Opera House and the
new (nighttime) Vienna on the east side of the Danube taken from our stateroom veranda.

Moving upriver through Austria's Wachau Valley

Docking in Melk Austria To tour the 900 year old Melk Abbey

Melk Abbey 's small but beautiful museum.  The town of Melk from the Abbey's wall  

Inside the the Abbey - more like a cathedral!

On the Rhine at Passau, Germany- the city on three rivers, Veste Oberhaus fortress and our guide
Downtown Passau and Ilz river.  Just beautiful!




On the Rhine.  Absolutely beautiful.  Docking south of Regensburg in the fog.

Disambarking for Regensburg, Germany 

Regensburg is one of Germany's best perserved medeval cities.

We stopped by AlteeWorskuch, Germany's oldest Sausage house for Bratwaurst and Brochen

Gothic St. Peters and what looks like lesbian statues!

Sharon and Laveta relaxing onboard- in the Danube-Main Canal
Nuremburg: Site of the Nazi rallies (and the railing where Hitler stood).
The site is now used for truck-trailer storage.
Pallace of Justice where the Nuremburg Trials were held Note the flags read "In Memorium".

Heading to Nuremburg Castle

From inside the castle.  Laveta and Me on the castle walls (Compare to Laveta in 1968).


In Nuremburg's famous Hauptmarkt Note the fountain that resembles a church spire.

                Prague  Czech Republic
 St. Vitus Cathedral

In old town Prague

              At the John Lennon Wall

More old town Prague                        

Walking to- and then on the Charles Bridge          

More town views- and the Prague's famous
Astronomical Clock

Prague's main drag:  Wenclesas Square- more like a boulevard.

Laveta at the farmers market.  Hooters in Prague,   The Corinthia, our hotel in Prague.

        On the flight home. 

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