In The Beginning...


Clara Deneault (my Grandmother) Racette and family 1907
Clara Racette and family.  I'm front left, Mom & Dad 3rd & 4th from right
The Williamsons in Wisconsin 1927.  Dad (Charley) setting on the grass.

        Mom with unknown person in unknown location 1940

       Mom kissing Abe Lincoln, Topeka KS,  1941

(1)  Mom & Dad's wedding in Concordia Kansas 1941
(2)  Dad on leave from the Army 1944 (with me and mom)
(3)  Family portrait September 1944
(4)  Mom and Me in Concordia. Don't know the date.

                                September 1944 

           Dad, Mom & Me.  Concordia KS 1947

                    Mom, Me & Bob.  Late 1940's.  Location unknown.

    Mom, Grandma Williamson & Dad.  Albuquerque NM.  Late 1940's

         1948                              1953                         1955-56                     1957                         1959

      On our front yard, 3405 East Osie, Wichita KS, 1952

   Me- an Altar Boy no less.   All Saints School, Wichita KS 

   Just some of the grade school and high schools I attended

   October 1957 in Merced                 All here:  Me, Bob, Tom, John, Jim, Renee

Our camping trailer- dad, mom & me 1957
With Jim Drake in Yosemite 1957          

   That's me, with model plane, Merced CA 1959

  Col John A Macready signed my congratulatory card upon graduation.  

       Laveta on Sadie Hawkins day- Merced High School