Ecuador and Peru
  15 - 30 September, 2013

  Ecuador:  Quito,  Galapagos
(Santa Cruz- Puerto Ayora, Santa Fe,
Baltra,  South Plaza,  Bartolome Islands).  

Peru:  Lima,  Cusco, Sacsayhuman,
Kenko,  Puca Pucara,  Pisac,  Yucay,
Ollantaytambo,  Augas Calientes,
Machu Picchu 

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The flight:  Seattle to Houston to Quito, Ecuador
Our hotel in downtown Quito, the Grand Mercure Alameda

At the desk- just where are we?  Downtown Quito near our hotel.

   The Basilica del Voto Nacional.

Laveta on Quito's Independence Square

         Church and convent of St Francis

               City life

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The flight from Quito to Guayaquil on the Ecuadorian coast, then on to the
Galapagos Islands  airport on Baltra island
We then took the ferry from Baltra to Santa Cruz island.

            Lava tubes on Santa Cruz

                   At Rancho Primicias

Our hotel in the Galapoagos:  The Finch bay Eco Hotel named after Darwin's finches.
This hotel in Puerto Ayora was absolutly fabulus with its own beach and extraordinary
restaurant.  The hotel was just a five minute walk from the water taxi- which was just
five minutes across the bay from town.

Laveta relaxing after breakfast. The hotel at night.   Dinner with tour-mates

   Just one of the many finches that shared breakfast with us each morning.

Marine Iguanas: on the path to our hotel!

              "Our"  74 foot, motor yacht Sea Lion

 Santa Fe island:  the Sea Lion yacht in the distance, California sea lions and laveta.

                    Oputina cactus and Land Iguana


On South Plaza Island



On Bartolome Island:  Climbing stairs (lots of stairs) to the top.  Group photo
Pinnacle Rock, Galapagos Penguin and a Blue Footed Booby

    At the Charles Darwin Research Station

  Lima, Peru

  Lima:  Plaza Mayor and Monastery of San Francisco
 Lima Cathedral  (with and its underground crypt)

 Lima: around town

            Eating at Haiti's near JFK Park in Miraflores

 Cusco, Peru

 Cusco from the hills above.  Our room at the Sonesta Hotel.  View of Cusco from our window.
 Walking through town

Plaza de Armas and the Cusco Cathedral  which was simply marvelous inside.
But like most famous churches in Ecuador and Peru- photography was forbidden.

Santa Domingo Monastery which was built on top of the Koricancha temple.

 Koricancha temple ruins with their exquisite stonework.  Note the sacrificial altar.

    Our tour group at a glass covered scale model of Koricancha.

            Saqsaywaman just above Cusco
 Saqsaywaman (Sacsayhuman) sometimes pronounced as sexy-woman is the ruins of an
 Inca fortress. Mostly destroyed by the Spanish, many stones  were later used for buildings
 in the nearby city of Cusco.  The stones are intricately fitted and some are absolutely huge.

                          Kenko (Q"inqu) Amphitheater

              Puka Pukara

     Nighttime return to Cusco

 Overlooking the town of
Taray & the Urubamba River- a headwater of the Amazon

 In the town of Pisac 


           Cuy... before and after

 At Awanakancha in the Sacred Valley

 Our hotel, the Casa Andiana Private Collection, Sacred Valley

Climbing stairs (lots of them) to the Inca ruins at Ollantaytambo



   The town of Ollantaytambo  from above, at the end of the Sacred Valley

Our Sacred Valley hotel in the town of Yucay: the Sonesta Posadas del Inca
Note the bowl of Coca leaves on the table in our room!

      Dinner with our tour mates

Perurail's Vista Dome from Ollantaytambo to the town of Aguas Calientes,



Machu Picchu:  A jewel of construction in an emerald setting of mountains.  Just awesome!




               ... ...         

   Back in Lima at our hotel The Casa Andina Private Collections, Miraflores

               The voyage home: United to Houston, then on to Seattle

     Good Documentary (BBC) of the Gallapagos <Link>

    Good Documentary (National Geopgraphic) on Matchu Picchu <Link> 

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