September 30 to October 7,  2001
Los Angeles,  Puerto Vallarta,  Mazatlan,  Cabo San Lucas


    Carnival cruse ship:  M.S.  Elation,  anchored off Cabo San Lucas

               Abandon ship?  Carol & Laveta.  First day's life jacket drill.

    The Elation at night

                  The Atrium

    Laveta and me

    Jim and Carol

  Laveta and Carol:  Public rest rooms (banos publicos),  Valle de Banderas

   Land's end:  Laveta, Carol, Jim touching  the Pacific Ocean near Sayulita

  Carol boarding a "Unimog" (Mercedes Benz military truck) 

  Laveta, Me and Carol in the Sierra Madre jungle.  <Click for website>

   Tailless scorpion,  found by our jungle guide (and bartender)

   The four of us in Mazatlan, with the "Elation" in the background.

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