2017-2018  Photo Album

We began the year in our new home (a condominium) in Nantucket West, a gated community only a mile form our old home of 37 years. 
Our new home is smaller, but all on one floor!  We also have RV storage with an AC hookup. 
Best of all we're still only a mile from jim and Carol's Condo that they bought just a week before us.

Nantucket West:

Two different views both front and rear.  The Garage is connected to the house via a covered breezeway

Kitchen. Living Room, Dinning room



              Study (computer room)

   Guest Bathroom

  Guest bedroom


Master bedroom with walk in closet

Master bath with skylight.

    First meal with Jim and Carol in our new home!

           Chili enjoying his new home.

   In the garage of our old house getting ready for a garage sale (note Chili on the couch).

          Laveta & Carol cleaning out Carol's old home.   Carol in her new Condo!

  Sharon and Russ at the Red Hot pub, Tacoma

   Our old home has been sold!

    Reflection of Chili in the fireplace!
 Laveta, Savannah and Chili in Cirque Park,  near our condo in  University Place 


GP retirement breakfast, Hawks Prairie Resturant, Lacy WA,  May 2017

A one week RV trip to Wine Country RV Park Prosser Washington,  May 2017

        Laveta with Los Hernandez of  Los Hernandes tomalies  Union Gap WA






             Side Trip to Richland WA

    Carol Pressure washing their old home, Jim supervising

               Jim and Carol getting their old house ready for sale.

        Carol's granddaughter Samantha 

 Dinner with Henry, Roger & Della, Floyd & Leslie , Chuck & Laveta 
 Tacoma Golf and Country Club.  5 June 2017


Our neighborhood and condo- August 2017

Entrance to Nantucket West (our condominium).  Our motorhome in the our RV parking lot>
Nice homes directly across the street. (All 4 photos taken in early October)

Eating on our patio with family

  Laveta and Carol on our front porch

                    Viewing the Eclipse August 21st

  Don't dare litter on this street in University Place!


      A week in Port Townsend WA (Point Hudson RV Park and Marina) Sept. 2017

    Laveta, Pat & Carol                    Bob Chili & Cloie             Port Townsend back yard- with 8 resting deer!

John Wayne Marina in Squim WA

Port Townsend Farmers Market

Port Townsend Bitchin Water Walk!


  Jim & Carol's 55th anniversary at the Lobster Shop, Tacoma, Nov-2017

Family Thanksgiving at Jim & Carol's condo clubhouse

2018 ============================================================================  2018

On I-5 in California.               RV park in Redding and brother Jimmy,  Feb 2018

 At  The Lakes RV Park, Chowchilla CA            


Rhonda &Sherrie in Rhonda's Trailer, Merced CA

Rhonda Gail & Charlene         Dinner aa Calvin & Donna's              Ron & Rhonda

                              Coarsegold CA

Pismo Beach CA,  March- 2018

  Aunt Ruby and Pat                   Walking around Pismo Beach

          Morro Rock CA & Pismo Beach sunset

 Wine Country RV Park, Prosser WA with Carol Jim & Laveta.  May 2018


    Jim & Carol at El Gaucho's Restaurant, Tacoma.  June 2018

                        Carol at Harmon's Pub, Tacoma  15 July 2018

The Nantucket West Condominium picnic- 29 July 2018 (note our motorhome in the background).

"Linner" at our house for "Henry and the Vice Squad",  17 August 2018


Port Townsend WA,  Last week in September 2018.  With:  Jim & Carol, Bob & Pat, Sharon & Rus, John & Becky



                 Eating outside at Doc's

               Walking arround the shore and downtown.

     Eating in our motorhome.
All of us eating at Doc's Marina Grill  (Look at Carol's hamburger)

Carol, Laveta & I at the Uptown Farmers Market.

Sharon,  Rus and a beautiful sunset/moonrise

   Carol with Jim draining the tanks.


Leavenworth WA  with Jim & Carol, October 2018





Listening to music in the loby of the Enzian Inn

 Breakfast at the Enzian Inn



At the Red Hot pub in Tacoma, 11/15/2018.   They were filming a Food Paradise show for the Travel Chanel.
Laveta and I had to sign a release in case their cameras panned over us.


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