C. L. Williamson 1999

NASA's  workshop at Mandalay
    The  conference-  near a beach.
For lightweight spacecraft, that will one day
    Bring the stars within our reach.

Here, time and space are spanned with thought,
    Minds alone must voyage- until.
But bathroom intervals are surely not
    And in my case never will.

Evening drinks, talk of interstellar flight,
    Cobweb entangled thoughts and mirth,
Then- as I walk alone at night,
    My mind returns again to Earth.

Two rocks I spot, out on the beach,
    Waiting patiently in the sand
'Till I bend down and pick one each
Glinting starlight, guides my hand.

Surely Earth and tide have rocks to spare.
    Space and time will have to wait,
The stones I choose, go home by air
    To a better-  desktop  fate.