HAIKU (sort of)
I Reworked this Haiku especially for the Boeing 
 "Material Identifier Recovery Effort"

Chuck Williamson

Test article does not extinguish
but parts have been installed.
No one hears your screams.

Many parts- all are burning.
Career going up in smoke.
Time now to squeeze trigger?

Certification files that large,
might be very useful.
Too bad- that they are missing.

Your test plan is rejected.
Only perfect spellers
Will have plans approved.

Flame caresses part, while
stopwatch ticks away.
Disclosure letter follows.

First fire, then smoke.
This thousand dollar part
burns so beautifully.

With searching comes loss
and the presence of absence:
Test data missing.

The construction that you seek
cannot be located but,
endless others exist.

There is a chasm between
requirement and performance,
the parts cannot bridge

Yesterday it did not burn.
Today it is burning.
Flame tests are like that.